Stephen (Snots) Naylor

Stephen Naylor, the world-renowned jack-of-all-trades, experiences the world through his own unique creative license. Both a nationally recognized scholar and athlete, Stephen lives for the challenge and can always be seen attacking the untouchable giants of society. Two of his favorite targets are the outdated educational system and universal refuge of nature. At long last, his interior test-lover and avid artist have come together to produce the anticipated author.


Blog: The feed for my writing, it is divided into sections as follows…

Blog: The categorically unfiltered compilation of all my online writing

Creative Work: Examples of my original creative work, from poems to flash fiction, to excerpts from my longer pieces. Be sure to let me know if you think anything is worth expanding upon or if it would make more sense if written differently.

Classwork: Selections of written work demanded by classes. Constructive criticisms are readily accepted in this category as most posts are examples that are still in the revision process. The goal is to offer working examples to classmates and those that follow after me, while demanding the highest level of work from myself.

My Art: Contains every blog post featuring an original piece of art from my hand. Some of the artwork is directly correlated to the content of the post, while others are loosely related or make up the central focus of the post

School: A collection of analyses on the educational system. Problems, solutions, and personal accounts are mixed in with fictional shorts based around true stories.

Favorites: Memorable blog posts selected rather unofficially, but deemed worth reading by followers, casual readers, and the very mind that they sprung from.

My Books: A page dedicated to my published work. The collection contains links to Amazon for final products, along with links to Google for drafts for my trusted editors, though original drafts are not open to the public. The collection is still small, but is scheduled to grow.

Peer Publications: In addition to my own books, those of my classmates and other peers can be found on this page. (Links should be coming soon)

Help: Any questions on blogging, self-publishing, or various other subjects can be asked here. I will respond as best I can, and other readers are certainly welcome to add their own opinions and responses.