Me, Myself, and I

Don’t walk behind me, I will not lead. Don’t walk before me, I will not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

What do you really know about someone you follow? Or someone who follows you? You may know how they work, whether they’re efficient or not. You may know what they tend to wear, or at least what they’re wearing today. And you probably know their face, voice, or writing style, but you probably don’t know who they actually are: what they enjoy outside the task at hand, who else they spend time with, or how well they can do other things than what is right in front of you. It is for this reason that I make an effort to live life either guiding or guided. This puts me on a much more personal level with people. I can’t say I stick to it perfectly, but I try.

At this point, I don’t know who has come across this website and this blog, but I have decided that it’s time to share some (and this time a bit more than the “secret” of the book). To start: a poem!

I neither lead nor follow, preferring kind guidance.
I am the long-haired hippy freak with the funny “head bands.”

My body needs sleep despite my ever-running brain.
I embody all energy; live in adrenaline.

I never fit in but am always well-known.
I deny all known rules, using codes who never let down.

I know school is a joke, yet nobody’s laughing.
I’m a true engineer, though my real dream’s camp staffing.

I eat what I want; I’m a bottomless pit.
I never stay still ’til I’m forced to sit.

I feed off of others; Life’s one big competition.
I can talk without end, but I do like to listen.

I’m comically sick as my name clearly states.
I’m often the guy that everyone hates.

Nothing I cross goes ever unmade.
You say I just like it all: I’m the jack of all trades.

Though certainly not inclusive, and definitely contradictory, there is a brief statement of me,


On Irony

The supreme irony of life is that hardly anyone gets out of it alive.

I spoke of irony yesterday, did I not? I do feel the need to address it again (as happens far too often in my life of patterns). As I published my last blog, I felt a very convincing feeling that the missing story would turn up as soon as I shared its loss. As I titled the page to begin the process of reconstructing the leprechaun’s introduction, I glanced at the shelves behind my computer and noticed a small slip of paper stapled to a larger sheet. Of course, it was the paper I had written two years ago when I was given a fortune cookie and told the fortune inside was my prompt. I wrote about a leprechaun. THE leprechaun.

After finding my long lost masterpiece of a first draft (likely to be unrecognizable by the time revisions are completed), I flew through the process of transferring it to a new online location rather than the physical copy that has proven much easier to lose. As edits are run, and the story builds, I will upload portions of the book, likely one tale at a time and place links to them up on the “My Book” page of this website. The files, however, will remain private and will only be open to editing from those I permit, namely classmates and teachers.

I’m looking forward to working with those around me and for all others who may join from the outside!


Lost Leprechaun!

The struggle is real!

I woke up this morning, planning to take the first draft of my intro in for review during class, only to find it missing. Regardless how hard I searched, all copies of the brief tale, both print and electronic, had disappeared. Granted, the last time I had seen a copy was almost two years ago, but still, I was proud of it! I knew I had put it somewhere safe! The irony was particularly cruel as I ran across a blog by an affiliate of Fleet Feet, Amy Marxkors. She described finding a previously written off attempt at a story, and discovering that it was actually quite inspiring (Amy’s blog).

At this point, rather than drive myself insane, or rather, more insane than my current state, I’ve decided that the intro deserves to be rewritten, now that the true implications it holds are apparent. In accordance with the previous decision inspired by a fortune cookie, a Leprechaun will make an appearance as the conflict surrounding his treasure is introduced from a new angle.

Here’s to hoping the return of the little green man is as big a hit as his original appearance!


Secrets, secrets are no fun. Unless they’re shared with everyone!

We all have secrets, some large, some small. Every once in a while one gets shared; time and time again one becomes a rumor. One secret I’ll let out right now is that I have a first draft of the intro to my book (that’s what we’ll call it, despite the plan only to publish it in an electronic version as a short story, or collection there of) yet I have no idea what the actual book will contain. While I figure that out, I may as well share a poem on secrets!

The poem I speak of originated as a command to write about a deep secret, the darker and the dirtier the better. Rather than bore a still young audience with the meaty details, I’ll share the poem:

Dark and Homey
Stiff and Cozy;

a Slip of the Lip
every Intent.

share once for sure
then twice no more!

Faces flashing,
Words now dashing.
quick Returning:
Seeping; Stemming.

This secret, or rather a group of them, is a bit more difficult to decipher than that of the directionless book. Good luck figuring it out!

Until next time,

Hello World!

This is your very first post. Click the Edit link to modify or delete it, or start a new post. If you like, use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it.

Happy blogging!

^^^Such a fun assignment, huh? So, as I follow orders and tell why I started the blog, do I stay with the reason it came into existence, or go farther into what it shall grow to?

To start: the inspiration. My senior year classes have been hand selected so I may spend time exploring my interests as I step back from the ever-changing academic demands of a public school education. As a result, a creative writing class under an author and comedian has made my schedule along with a french class, two music classes, a community service class, and the few remaining state-mandated demands for my graduation. Yes, that’s right – the nerd has dropped all math, science, and history classes for the year. Don’t worry though: I’m keeping up through various tutoring opportunities. The dropped classes, however, are not to blame for the blog, the creative writing class I opted for is. Each one of us will publish a short story at the end of the semester and we have been charged with starting a blog to prepare both ourselves and the world for our books.

As for me and my blog, we shall do well. The book has been decided today, though work has not begun. Daily writing and sharing will work to shape the pages as a collection of fables and fortunes takes shape. I may turn to my followers as I work to compile this collection and possibly others. The challenge has been issued to go viral, and I have gladly accepted. Hopefully it is a success, not a frightful disaster.