Secrets, secrets are no fun. Unless they’re shared with everyone!

We all have secrets, some large, some small. Every once in a while one gets shared; time and time again one becomes a rumor. One secret I’ll let out right now is that I have a first draft of the intro to my book (that’s what we’ll call it, despite the plan only to publish it in an electronic version as a short story, or collection there of) yet I have no idea what the actual book will contain. While I figure that out, I may as well share a poem on secrets!

The poem I speak of originated as a command to write about a deep secret, the darker and the dirtier the better. Rather than bore a still young audience with the meaty details, I’ll share the poem:

Dark and Homey
Stiff and Cozy;

a Slip of the Lip
every Intent.

share once for sure
then twice no more!

Faces flashing,
Words now dashing.
quick Returning:
Seeping; Stemming.

This secret, or rather a group of them, is a bit more difficult to decipher than that of the directionless book. Good luck figuring it out!

Until next time,


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