Lost Leprechaun!

The struggle is real!

I woke up this morning, planning to take the first draft of my intro in for review during class, only to find it missing. Regardless how hard I searched, all copies of the brief tale, both print and electronic, had disappeared. Granted, the last time I had seen a copy was almost two years ago, but still, I was proud of it! I knew I had put it somewhere safe! The irony was particularly cruel as I ran across a blog by an affiliate of Fleet Feet, Amy Marxkors. She described finding a previously written off attempt at a story, and discovering that it was actually quite inspiring (Amy’s blog).

At this point, rather than drive myself insane, or rather, more insane than my current state, I’ve decided that the intro deserves to be rewritten, now that the true implications it holds are apparent. In accordance with the previous decision inspired by a fortune cookie, a Leprechaun will make an appearance as the conflict surrounding his treasure is introduced from a new angle.

Here’s to hoping the return of the little green man is as big a hit as his original appearance!


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