On Irony

The supreme irony of life is that hardly anyone gets out of it alive.

I spoke of irony yesterday, did I not? I do feel the need to address it again (as happens far too often in my life of patterns). As I published my last blog, I felt a very convincing feeling that the missing story would turn up as soon as I shared its loss. As I titled the page to begin the process of reconstructing the leprechaun’s introduction, I glanced at the shelves behind my computer and noticed a small slip of paper stapled to a larger sheet. Of course, it was the paper I had written two years ago when I was given a fortune cookie and told the fortune inside was my prompt. I wrote about a leprechaun. THE leprechaun.

After finding my long lost masterpiece of a first draft (likely to be unrecognizable by the time revisions are completed), I flew through the process of transferring it to a new online location rather than the physical copy that has proven much easier to lose. As edits are run, and the story builds, I will upload portions of the book, likely one tale at a time and place links to them up on the “My Book” page of this website. The files, however, will remain private and will only be open to editing from those I permit, namely classmates and teachers.

I’m looking forward to working with those around me and for all others who may join from the outside!



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