The Big, the Undeniable, the Overwhelming! THE SCHOOL!

The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action.

The topic of the school system seems to have been appearing all over the place lately. From my constant contemplation, to the musings of my friend on her blog, inspired by another online post, to the rants performed in my class – by the teacher. Last year, I was charged with wandering the halls of my school and writing a 13 stanza poem about what I observed and felt. My observations, taken alone and always from the outside, produced the following:

I sit above the Library Below;
Wistfully thinking as Memories flow.

The strong sound of Silence; quiet in  fear
Of firm Rules enforced by omniscient ears.

A Bridge stands out front;
Spanning the gap
Across which Free birds
Constantly flap.

The other direction:
Children run circles.
Their friends sit in classes;
Society chuckles.

Turn just a bit;
The Large Gym awaits.
Kids play their games,
Breeding Death and Hate.

Hidden below,
Sit Foam and Cement:
Dark and forgotten,
Contrast in element.

The lunch room too sees
A Bipolar scene;
No Student can hide
From the oppressive sheen.

They come every morning;
And leave for the night.
Hurried each day;
Blind to their Plight.

Great Names on  the walls:
“All must strive for perfection.”
Though who would have known?
School’s their great destruction.

Stranded together,
Their Minds slowly fill;
Bitterness builds:
Their Bonds must they kill.

The Nurse waits for Action;
She mustn’t wait long:
For bitter minds break
From stressors’ hard song.

Alone We’re together in our Misery.
Jump through the hoop; to the next class now we Flee.

Though I stay behind, and look over all:
A vast sea of faces, some large and some small;
Some smiling and happy, others not much at all.
Coerced now we wait; To Society We’ll fall.

Schools themselves may not be at fault, but the societal pressures do impact them in oftentimes very negative ways.

With a growing stability and regularity seeming to grow, I will begin blogging in series’ in order to pursue topics without developing long-winded posts (we have Cristian Mihai to thank for the idea). As much as I like to think I know, I do enjoy input from others so I may collect a wider array of data, so opinions on school or my blogs are always welcome and encouraged.



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