Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

Anyone else a fan of Forrest Gump?

I woke up today a bit tired. Nothing unusual – I worked late last night. Then I remembered a note calling me to the head principal’s office. Next I recalled my new job of driving my best friend to school while his car is in the shop. Finally, I thought about the mounds of bread that might be waiting for me downstairs.

First, disappointment: the bread was all gone. Donations to various groups had emptied out my previously filled dining room.

Then, a fun time: I picked Noah up and made it to school (actually on time, unlike yesterday). Melanie had previously decided to take the bus, but hopped in when we pulled up.

Next, a pleasant confirmation: As I made my way to the office, a group of reputable students followed me in. We went into the meeting room with the administrators and counselors. Shu, Alex, Michelle, Kevin, Arjun, and myself are now National Merit Semi-Finalists!

Finally, out of nowhere: Fire! With three minutes left in the last period of school, the fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate. Two fire trucks came from separate stations in either direction of the school and the group on the side of the building near us marched to higher ground. We were let back in about 15 minutes after we left. The rumor I heard mentioned something about the kitchen, but I don’t have details and there was no real harm from the incident.

Anyone else like interesting days?



One thought on “Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

  1. Alec Baris says:

    Sounds like an eventful day!


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