Today’s Meet

Phew that was a tiring day!

After working late last night, I had a slow start to the day, almost missing the bus to the meet (Sorry coaches), and forgetting my shorts at home. This year we ran on a new course that was more or less an out-and-back as opposed to the old looping course with two and a half laps. I personally preferred the old course, but it might just be that I don’t know the new one as well. The races started with JV and went pretty well with a few exciting finishes. Toward the end of the JV races, however, my legs started acting up as my calves and quads tightened. Stretching and foam rolling ate up my time between the JV and Girls’ Varsity races. I was finally loose enough by the time it came to warm up though. We warmed up with Kevin Ganahl – last year’s graduate and top runner. Kyle Conner, one of my coworkers, ran past in another race as we stretched, and he decided race time was a perfect time for a conversation (at least what could be said as he passed).

When it came time for my race, the plan for the day was to take it easy to start, then pick people off second and third miles. It definitely worked better than in the past. The last two meets I’ve taken off with the first mile approaching 5 minutes or below, but this time I think I stuck closer to the 5:15-20 I was aiming for. I don’t know for sure though because I had a difficult time figuring out how far I was at any given point (a key factor in my favor for the old course). The couple of downhills I met were greatly appreciated and I fully enjoyed them, flying past people left and right. A big thanks needs to go out to the MHSXC team for being more supportive throughout the race, including the back stretches! Thomas and Nick were in front of me from the start, but I didn’t loose them until the last kilometer and a half when we got to straight stretches and they got lost in crowds. The finish on the new course is definitely much more enjoyable than the old one, with two drops on a straight shot rather than a winding runway. It made finishing pushes work out well both for myself and a number of teammates.

The freshmen races went amazingly with our top two, Eva and Dylan, finishing in great places. The trip home, however, was a bit hectic because our buses were fighting traffic from Lou-Fest, as we fought to get to them and had various people lost to the too-late freshman award ceremony. We all did make it back though, and I managed to get a little nap. A good night’s rest is definitely on the agenda now though.

Here’s one final congrats to Marquette’s and all the xc teams that competed today!


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