Looking Back: The Birth of Snots

Sounds like the day’s trend is nostalgia and personal history. Might as well jump on the bandwagon that seems to have kidnapped me already. I get flashbacks in clusters from time to time and they’ve been mugging me again lately. I won’t go into detail on the flashbacks, but I will share a memory that has served me much more consistently and a bit more kindly.

I’m sure a great many of you have picked up on the theme of snot coming from me. There is an explanation for it. It goes back almost two years exactly now. I’ll start from the beginning.

It was an ordinary night. I was home from school and cross country. Homework was the topic of the call.

Jill and I had begun working as a very efficient team when it came to Mr. Bolton’s chemistry class. We did most of the labs together and that night was no exception. We figured out the lab’ her leading me to some answers, me leading her to others, then spent a bit of extra time just talking about whatever it was Sophomore us talked about. The next morning I woke up with the WORST cold EVER.

Fast forward a single week, after the next chemistry test, back in chemistry class. Bolton’s classes are known for a great many things, but one is the list of top performers. We had a Top Ten list that year. Both Jill and myself frequented it or the attached “honorable mentions.” I was proud of my mostly steady place around 6th. I lost it that day to a new kid: Snots. I remember it well. The room was still in testing configuration because the Qual/Org kids had a test that day. From the left wall in the dim room, in the seat behind Jill, I saw my grade come up on the board: 96.63 (maybe it was a 96.64), but my name was nowhere to be seen. Few honors students had nicknames and I far from expected one of my own, so of course I called Bolton out on it. He assured me there was no mistake. I pinned it all on Jill. Told Bolton and the class that my sickness came right after calling her. The glare from in front of me shut the whole class up.

Sure enough, my excuse caught hold. By the next showing of the top ten, both Snots and Allergen had made the list in 6th and 8th place. None of us have figured out yet how Bolton survived that day. Eventually it calmed down (at least the names), but not before a few others were tested. The list may have included Pathogen, Communicable Disease, and Infectious Disease.

At the end of the year, my Allergen moved away, but left her mark. I’ve yet to shake the cold.

If I’m not in class tomorrow, we all know why. Does anyone know of a good allergy medication?


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