Writer’s Block? PLEASE HELP!

Defined as “the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing,” Writer’s block can certainly be a problem. The big question is, “is it happening to me now?”

I know exactly what to write if I follow one path, but I have two very reasonable paths that I may be able to follow. Stop reading now if you don’t want to find out more about my book (I’ll try not to reveal too much).

The leprechaun is alone at the moment, but he’s a bit of a blabber-mouth. He needs someone to talk to. Should he be in touch with his inner (and outer) self and find things to talk to? Or does a picture he found hold a connection to him and have the ability to talk?

Whichever way I go, the leprechaun does need a way to get insight into other peoples’ lives. He’s a storyteller. His most recent fortune is to “Listen to everyone. Ideas come from everywhere.” For those of you that are not yet aware, the book started as a timed write two years ago with a fortune cookie as a prompt. My goal is to write the rest of it (and maybe others) using fortunes as prompts/ introductions.

Anyway, any support is always appreciated, and the draft is available for a select few that may take a part of the revision process if they want more background, so please weigh in! Thanks,


One thought on “Writer’s Block? PLEASE HELP!

  1. Rob Durham says:

    Flip a coin…if you decide to go “best of three” then go with the other option. If you’re okay with what the one toss said, use that.


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