All Journeys Begin with a Single Step

I completed the first draft of my book last night. It is available through this site if you follow a link to my Google Docs account and request access. My one request is that if access is granted, it is granted to a new partner. Please help me to make the story the best it can be. This draft is not due until Friday and I hope to revise a bit even before then. Revisions will continue to take place up until (and maybe past) publication in a couple of months. Please help make this the best it can be!

P.S. I felt bad for dropping the themed pictures lately, so I’ve added another one of my own. Again, a painting, this work was started around two years ago, and finished only a couple of months ago. It is no longer just a spiral galaxy backdrop though: I’ve added a few lines of text to the foreground and given it to my mother as a gift. The text reads

Love knows not Distance

Love Does not Settle

Love Flies with the Stars

But I wish I had the forethought to alter the second line:

Love knows not Distance

Love grows not Complacent

Love Flies with the Stars

Hopefully the great expanses of the subject are mirrored in the results of my literary efforts. I do promise a different medium from the next work!


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