Author’s Bio in the Work

Stephen Naylor, the internationally recognized jack-of-all-trades, experiences the world through his own unique creative license. Both a nationally recognized scholar and athlete, Stephen lives for the challenge and can always be seen either serving the great outdoors or taking on the giant that spells education. At long last, his interior test-lover and avid artist have come together to produce the anticipated author.


3 thoughts on “Author’s Bio in the Work

  1. kiboslice says:

    Content: 4 – “jack-of-all-trades” seems like a cliché.
    Language Use: 3 – In your first two sentences you say that your recognized “internationally” and “nationally”. They are pretty much back to back and seem redundant. Your second sentence seems crowded with thoughts and it seems like your trying to hard to be creative. If you split that sentence into two and re word the part about the giant I think it will be fine.
    Grammatical Accuracy: 4 – You use a lot of good words that really shows off your knowledge and your skill in writing. The only thing I would suggest is to split up your second sentence and maybe reword your last. It seems like your trying to cram a bunch of words and thoughts into a small amount of space or maybe your just on another level when it comes to comprehension. Anyways, when you throw out these big words this dumb jock has to slow down and really think about what your trying to say.

    I like though 🙂


  2. Always Hurt says:

    I really like this!
    Content 5: I like how you used artist and lover created an author. It’s really good and explains you a lot.
    Grammar:3. I feel like your sentence about outdoors and education is a little bit long. I also feel like the part “the giant that spells education” is a little awkward. Maybe something like “giant known as education”Maybe a scarier word for giant? All up to you.
    Also maybe instead of “the anticipated author” do “an anticipated author.”
    Language:4 just fix that middle sentence a little. A lot is going on in it but I like all that you mention.

    Way to really describe who you are!!


  3. I like this, but what about adding more specific and concrete details to show who you are more?


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