Writing Withdrawal!

I haven’t blogged since Thursday afternoon – haven’t even written anything since Friday morning. I’ve figured out pretty well what writing withdrawal is. AND IT IS REAL!

Both Thursday and Friday nights I worked. Had to go straight in as soon as I finished cross country practice, and worked until around 10:30 or 11. Saturday I had a cross country meet and homecoming to go to. Woke up at 5, went down around 1. In there, I didn’t get a break: had a suit to find and beagles to take care of. Two beagles that managed to beat me up. I took them out and hooked them up to their leashes in the back yard and they both clothes-lined me together. I now have a decent bruising to show for it. Today, the puppies still needed cared for. I managed to hit them up before Mass, then had work yet again. We were evidently very slow yesterday and it carried over into today. I got there and Marteese was almost caught up on dishes. He left and I finished the job, never getting behind the rest of the night. I was completely closed by 7, but the café stays open until 10. I WISH I COULD HAVE WRITTEN SOMETHING! Working on my book would have been even better. I even had Katherine encouraging me to write. But I couldn’t. I ended up on the computer, working on my long-overdue e-learning for salad making. We finally closed and I got to take bread for the cross country team, but I forgot all the pastries, cookies, and brownies – the morning shift will have a nice surprise.

With all that’s happened this weekend, laundry did not get done, so now I’m waiting for it to finish as well as satisfying my hunger for the written word. I have far too many shirts, yet some would consider my pant selection to be lacking. Last I counted, I had almost 80 t-shirts alone. I’ve received more since then. The only reason I do laundry half the time is for socks; I have 6 pairs that I’ll regularly use and a couple others that I’ll use if I’m behind on laundry. The amount of running I do shreds the socks I do own though. Most of the back-up socks have no fabric left in the toe area. My shoes are the same way. Every once in a while people will comment on them, but I honestly have grown fond of the cracks along the outside edges of my shoes. They remind me of the miles I’ve put on them.

As far as running shoes go, I’m a big fan of Mizuno. I’ve tried Brooks and Nike, but have always gone back to Mizuno. The difference is in the sole. Nike’s shoes are supposed to have great soles, but because they are completely composed of foam, they are less supportive and durable than my foot likes. The shoes, however, do not fall apart. Brooks, with the gel in the sole, is very cushioned and can actually be a very durable shoe, but I’ve seen too many defects pop up in individuals’ shoes. The most common is poor stitching around the tongue. As for my true grievance with Brooks: their toe-drop is very oddly shaped and bruises the balls of my feet. Mizuno, with the wave-plate, has a very durable sole, other than the rubber that has developed a tendency in more recent models to fall off as the mileage limit is approached. The downfall that bothers some people is the lack of durability in the upper fabrics, but I personally see it as a side-effect of a better positive: a very light shoe.

Exhaustion and creativity go hand in hand for me, but balance is key, and I have tipped the scales to exhaustion at this point. For those wishing for a return to this crazy mind, “Until next time!”


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