The Rainbow’s Treasures: An Early Blurb

Do you know the Leprechaun who lives in the old oak tree? Living a life of solitude, the little man in green isn’t quite as tall as the tales surrounding him. Find out what happens when the lonely life is no longer an option for the simple creature behind many magnificent myths.

If interested, subscribe and find out more while awaiting the November release of the e-book.


3 thoughts on “The Rainbow’s Treasures: An Early Blurb

  1. snayls42 says:

    Reblogged this on snot'n'nayls and commented:

    After reflection and further review, the conclusion has been reached that this will remain the official blurb for the book when it makes its appearance on Amazon.


  2. kiboslice says:

    Wow, that was really good! First of all I would like to say that your blurb seems very well written, but a lot to take in all at once. Maybe it’s just me, but I kinda felt over whelmed at first and had to Terra’s it a couple of times.

    Content: 4-3 As Sammy said earlier does the Leprechaun have a name? Also I’m not quite sure the incident was cleary states or it just slipped by me. You did leave us on a bit of a cliffhanger though on the end which u liked.

    Language: 4 I thought it was excellent! The only thing is as I said earlier that I felt over whelmed when reading it. It almost sounded like a riddle at some parts and almost like you were trying to be deceitful.

    Grammar: 5 I couldn’t really find anything wrong grammatically, but I could be wrong.

    All in all I liked it and I’m not quite sure what is going to happen in your story. Which excites me a lot!


  3. Always Hurt says:

    Interesting story idea!! Does the leprechaun have a name?
    The first line doesn’t grab my attention as much as I think it could. But the following sentences were more interesting.
    I feel like you should use the “lonely life is no longer an option” as your first sentence because that grabbed my attention the most.
    Overall, sounds really good!


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