Fatigued or Fabulous

A week is a long time.

Seven days can be a long time.

168 hours feels like forever.

10080 minutes is not minute.

604800 seconds cannot be scoffed at.

All of those are interpreted just a bit differently–for those readers that comprehend significant figures and measurements, you feel me–but all lengths listed take quite a while if they aren’t filled properly. Of course, “not filled properly” can mean they are as empty as a tip jar on a bad day, or it can mean they are stuffed more than a carry-on bag filled with two months’ worth of clothing. Mine have tended toward the latter (ever try fitting all the clothing you own in a single drawstring bag?). Reading Natalie Fiore’s post, I worked my way through my week and found that my weeks rarely have more than ten hours that are actually mine. Those ten hours are NEVER consecutive.

My weekdays generally involve the following:

6:30 wake up
6:30-7:30 get ready for school
7:30-8:00 drive to school
8:00-3:00 attend school
3:00-5:00 run at cross country practice
5:00-5:30 get ready for work
5:30-6:00 drive from school to work
6:00-(between 10:30 and 12:30) work, drive home, and sleep (maybe grab some more food, blog, or do a little homework)

My Saturdays generally involve the following:

10:00 wake up
10:00-1:00 free time (often interrupted by chores, homework, or the college search)
1:00-2:00 prepare for and drive to work
2:00-12:00 work and conduct end of day routine

My Sundays generally involve the following:

10:30 wake up
10:30-12:00 eat a family breakfast and get ready for Mass
12:00-1:30 participate in Mass and drive home
1:30-2:00 get ready for and drive to work
2:00-12:00 work and conduct end of day routine

I do usually get two days off work, but they often align with the days I request off for cross country meets (which may last for anywhere from 5 to 30 hours plus preparation).

To sum this all up: I get tired; I get VERY tired. I always say I run my life on adrenaline, and I really do. Between my lack of sleep, my sometimes questionable mentality, and my incessant colds (connect what you like, where you like, but we actually haven’t found solid correlations because removing any number of things doesn’t always remove the others) I live by observing everything I can to keep my mind sharp and can’t stay awake unless I’m getting pumped about the next test or run for the day. Sometimes things get weird. Sometimes I can count the number of cars in a pileup better than my friend when I’m in the far side of the car, catching up on a history reading I didn’t have time for the night before while she’s sitting in the passenger seat and has been trained to understand the ins and outs of any emergency situation (there were three on the curb and one upside down on the sidewalk, not two on the side of the road and one on the curb). Sometimes I solve a chemistry problem using nothing but a paperclip and a safety pin (or maybe they were art trivia and a calc equation). And sometimes I fail a run and finish a 5K a minute and a half behind where I should be, crossing at a bit over 18 minutes. Luckily I beat some of the fatigue today and got a 17:07, yet I still missed the medal by three runners (can I blame the dual division heat that split apart those earning medals in a funny way?) and didn’t find out about it until my name wasn’t called at the award ceremony. Maybe I shouldn’t complain, but I do get very ambitious and any time I’m told I make someone feel dumb or slow or whatever (as long as it is through my example, not direct action toward them), I know have been given the ultimate compliment because I have done my job of inspiring them to become better at what they do as well (for more on inspiration, visit Mica’s post). My greatest hope is that everyone pursues anything they feel is worth chasing.

In honor of Mr. Ed Bolton, as I finish, I shall invite everyone:
“Be Excellent!”



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