Birthday Wishes

Today in class, the preordained plan was cast aside after a distress call. My teacher told of his friend’s daughter, Kylee, and her birthday party. Turning 10, she invited her entire class over to celebrate, but not a single person showed up. Her mother, my teacher’s friend, shared the story and we dedicated our class time to her. Now I’m extending the calling and asking for more words of encouragement and friendship. Please leave a comment that I can pass on to Kylee and spread the message as much as you’d like so we can remedy the injustice dealt and hopefully make a little girl’s year!



4 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes

  1. Andy Mai says:

    Dear Kylee,
    I really hope you had a great 10th Birthday. I’m so sorry no one showed up to your cool and awesome party. I guess they couldn’t handle your greatness and cool nature. You deserve so much more. Don’t be worried about this one party. In the future, you have many more opportunities show your power and coolness. Don’t give up! Move forward and I hope you have a swell Birthday. You go girl!


  2. Ann Jones says:

    There’s a real sweet girl named Kylee
    Of whom I think very highly!
    She’s a sweet gal that cares;
    How do I know that? She shares!

    Even on her special day.
    She invited friends to come and play.
    She planned games and fun and icecream and cake-
    Oh what fun this would make!

    But what she did’nt realize
    Is she was in for a terrible surprise.

    You see, the people she thought were her friends
    Really were not at the very end.
    They, unlike Kylee, didn’t care about pleasin’
    And they didn’t show up, for some reason.

    But they’re the ones who really missed out,
    Because she was the real friend, I have no doubt!

    Kylee is special; like a pearl!
    None other like her in the whole wide world!
    God knit her together; He knows her completely!
    Her mind, body, and soul packed together so neatly.
    So I know she’s important; I know that she’s great;
    For God took the time for her to create!

    Next time, Kylee, you have a celebration,
    Just know that real friends will show up with jubilation!
    Here is my hope for you all the year long:
    Know you are loved and I hope you’ll grow strong!


  3. micalemiski says:

    10 is such an amazing, exciting age to be! You have now entered the DOUBLE DECADES, which is absolutely a big deal. I hope your birthday is filled with love and candles and cake and whatever else makes you smile. When I turned 10, I was obsessed with ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. Have you ever had that? It is so delicious!


  4. Austin Yawn says:

    Dear Kylee,
    If you have to rate your birthday on a scale from 1-10, I hope it’s a 10! Have a wonderful day and happy little late birthday! 😀


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