There’s a First for Everything

This is the first time I’ve ever had a free writing experience on my blog. Everything I’ve written before has had a clear purpose going in. Most people give the impression that they prefer to have a purpose; I know I do when I act. There does exist, however, a balance–just like in anything else. I have two comfort zones when it comes to structure and two zones where I start to get uncomfortable or even freak out. One of the two best forms of direction are when I’m given step-by-step instructions to follow to complete a project that satisfies requirements x, y, and z. The other is when I’m told “paint a beach.” When I’m told what type of action needs to be taken and what the topic should be. I will, however, fight what I’m given when I am told that I cannot add anything to distinguish my work and am told to follow z, y, and x to a point or when I’m told to make a presentation that needs to satisfy all the requirements, but the requirements are hidden from me. The point of a test should be to show personality and knowledge, not test guessing ability.

If anyone would like to share, let me know what you think of direction.


One thought on “There’s a First for Everything

  1. Austin Yawn says:

    I completely agree that schoolwork, in regards to tests or projects/presentations, should be a representation of what you know or who you are but some requirements are set at a simplistic level because a lot of people cannot express their own opinion on a task and need the step by step to complete it. I, in all honesty, have disregarded school methods the last two or so years in high school and have decided to take my own route for such assignments whether they be wrong or right in the eyes of the staff. I also, in all honesty, have taken out such patterns on Mr. Durham so I believe you should definitely share this post you made with him.

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