March On (Plus a Party Invitation!)

Wow. It’s been a busy weekend (plus a Monday). I didn’t work, yet the time managed to fill itself more than efficiently enough. I did work some Friday and Saturday, but today and yesterday I’ve been free. Managed to spend time with my longest standing friend after Mass and before youth group–and hopefully got him set up to get hired with me. Noah’s online application had similar difficulties to mine and didn’t upload right the first time, but his didn’t let him complete it a second time so we went in to talk directly to the managers yesterday. I think I may have convinced Patricia to apply as well! Maybe my weekend wasn’t as laid back as I thought it was…

Somewhere in there, I managed to finally get social media accounts up too. Hopefully I can manage to use those effectively for colleges and my books (and I suppose I can’t leave out the outlets’ intents of social integration). For those that are exposed to what I’m sure will be crude attempts at first, please forgive me for making things awkward. It’ll get better. I promise I don’t intentionally stay ignorant on most things.

I don’t think I can leave out the upcoming book release party either. My editors have finally begun their revisions and are going to town on an already finely-sifted work. As they finish, we’ll begin to design the front cover as well–hopefully a decent collaboration between myself and someone a bit more technologically savvy. Yet I’ve managed to drop the information about the party! It will take place…

Tuesday, December 1st

At 6 North Café on Clayton Rd in Ballwin

From 6PM to 8PM (featured authors will change at 7)

All those interested in coming are more than welcome! We will be showcasing our works and be able to talk or answer questions, or even supply knowledge on how to work all the newfangled gadgets so the books may become truly available to everyone.

From a more personal standpoint, I’m really looking forward to any preparations I get to take a part in. The groups were announced today, though our positions were not–I’d love to be a major player in publicity and hospitality/ decorating/ tear-down. If Mr. Durham decides to read, maybe he’ll take this as a bit of a hint? I will have time to actually do stuff after state with cross country because I won’t get 8 hour shifts seven days a week. I will admit, however, that I will really start missing the team very soon now that we’re down to varsity only.

Here’s to the future!


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