“Vroom, Vroom” Goes the Busy Life

I’ve written about how “writing withdrawal” is a real thing. I’ve also commented on how busy life can get. Now is my time to say that the two go together quite well. I’ve been going non-stop lately and have wanted to write, but have only gotten enough down time to take care of my own needs. Anyway, I suppose a quick update on the weekend is due…

Saturday hosted both this year’s districts cross country meet and our orchestra’s Pops/Halloween concert. As a result, the team went out for a final chance at a pasta party Friday night. We went to Olive Garden and couldn’t get a big enough table so the boys had to eat separately from the girls. At the meet, both Hannah and myself were usurped in our races, losing to the runners generally just behind us on the team–Danielle finished just before Hannah and I was a bit behind Ryan. For the second meet in a row, I was two runners behind the last medal. We did qualify to move on in the season and take the boys’ team plus Hannah and Danielle to Sectionals next weekend at the world’s worst course out in Festus. I got to visit my Grandmother who just recently moved in with my aunt out in Washington after she had a stroke and was kicked out of her nursing home, and spent the three hours following the meet there. After that, I raced around my house gathering materials to craft my Edward Scissor-hands costume for the concert. The costume’s success included shaving my beard for only the third (maybe fourth?) time since Sophomore year began–an element not missed by all my classmates and coworkers. The concert went beautifully, along with a small gathering back at my house after. The weekend closed with Mass and work on Sunday.

Today was a short day at school and brought some progress on the e-book–some updates that need to be addressed here as well…

The party is in line for Tuesday, December 1, from 6-8 at 6 North Café, as previously mentioned. (Everyone is invited!)

I have visited the café to get an idea how to organize myself and my fellow authors, but have yet to be able to talk to the owner as to confirm I can do what I have planned.

There will be a meeting tomorrow, after school, to allow all the party committees to see each other and discuss what needs established.

I will find or put together directions to obtain the book through Amazon via a Kindle or the Kindle app (and share them both here and at the party) soon.

I met my illustrator this afternoon and began collaboration with him–he has already turned around a first draft for the front cover (Thanks John!)

Everything appears to be in place to have the book published by next Monday!

Finally, a BIG THANKS to everyone for sharing (and continuing to share) the journey to publication with me!


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