What Party Needs Preparation Anyway?

Tonight’s post is mainly for my fellow authors, so for anyone else, the situation may be foreign, but I will try to keep the messages as universal as possible.

I’ll begin by stating that just because something is optional doesn’t mean it isn’t beneficial, or even essential to success–It just means that it cannot be forced upon participants. Tonight we had a total of 7 people (14%) show up to the meeting we originally had upwards of 60% planning on attending. Thanks Brent, Derek, Renee, Preethi, Katherine, and Julia. Some I know had good excuses (thanks as well for the notification, Natalie and Barry). I cannot pretend that nothing else in life matters except writing, but we’ve all accepted the challenge of publishing our books and making the publishing party a success. As a result, it is very upsetting when large quantities of teammates (I do not refrain from using that word) choose to skip what they previously agreed to.

I’m sure most of you have been a part of (or at least known of) a time when someone was stood up by a friend or date, and this is very similar in many aspects, but the dependence on each other for success makes it that much deeper. I’m sure that most of you are familiar, as well, with the “I’m disappointed, not mad” speech from parents and teachers. Anyone in a leadership position is familiar with both ends of the situation. It is for this reason that I so often refer back to my favorite quote: “Do not walk behind me, I will not lead; Do not walk before me, I will not follow; Simply walk beside me and be my friend.” In many interactions, Friend may not be a fitting word, however it can easily be replaced by more formal terms such as collaborator. All leaders must be followers and everyone must be willing to listen, but at the same time, no one can be raised so high on a pedestal that everyone else is afraid to approach them and share their own words. Therefore, it is at this point that I must also apologize for any presumption that is apparent in my actions and words, especially today. We have elected our four supervisors, who are in charge of the check-list of items to complete, however we all need to take on responsibility for following as needed and coming up with our own ideas to further our goal when that is needed as well.

To close, I extend an empathetic thanks (that others hopefully take part in) to teachers, mentors, and guides that put up with all the usurpers, rebels, depressives, and clowns that live in each of us.



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