Party Time!

Renee Owens

Come support Marquette’s Creative Writing classes TOMORROW NIGHT from 6-8pm at 6 North Cafè! We all recently wrote our very own short stories and published them. Each copy sold supports each author directly! Come out and hangout with us.

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Birthdays, and Friends, and Poems, Oh My!

I’d have bought you flowers, got you a rose,
But your theatre production gave lots of those.

I’d have found you some candy: just a simple treat,
Yet the Season is here and we’ve got lots of sweets.

So, I’ve decided, it’d simply be best
To reach out to you in this heartfelt jest.

I’ve heard of your face and seen often your name,
But reverse those you may, they both will gain fame.
For in class we met, so late it’s a shame,
And our books will go out for each mind to tame.

I-L why not swap them to correct broken covers
When hours were spent by artistic lovers?

You bob and you dance as you own your cast’s stage,
But not before showing your old heart’s true age.
You found and you broke the new teacher’s cage;
By including all, each doubt you assuage.

You prove new each day how life can be deep,
And from you I’ve seen a great knowledge seep,
So I pray that you: find, grow, and keep
Great memories and friends as you take a small leap.

Society sees you as a new adult-
That you were not before is just not your fault.

Now as we give thanks: as one, as a country,
I say to you now that I know that I’m lucky
To make a new friend and to say her name’s Natalie.

To close, I must say:
Though it’s barely begun,
You really should have a-great-one;
so here it is: Happy Birthday!


The Juiciest Gossip You Can Find

To start: A quick flash to the past:


Hello World!!!

This is your very first post. Click the Edit link to modify or delete it, or start a new post. If you like, use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it.

Happy blogging!

^^^Such a fun assignment, huh? So, as I follow orders and tell why I started the blog, do I stay with the reason it came into existence, or go farther into what it shall grow to?

To start: the inspiration. My senior year classes have been hand selected so I may spend time exploring my interests as I step back from the ever-changing academic demands of a public school education. As a result, a creative writing class under an author and comedian has made my schedule along with a french class, two music classes, a community service class, and the few remaining state-mandated demands for my graduation. Yes, that’s right – the nerd has dropped all math, science, and history classes for the year. Don’t worry though: I’m keeping up through various tutoring opportunities. The dropped classes, however, are not to blame for the blog, the creative writing class I opted for is. Each one of us will publish a short story at the end of the semester and we have been charged with starting a blog to prepare both ourselves and the world for our books.

As for me and my blog, we shall do well. The book has been decided today, though work has not begun. Daily writing and sharing will work to shape the pages as a collection of fables and fortunes takes shape. I may turn to my followers as I work to compile this collection and possibly others. The challenge has been issued to go viral, and I have gladly accepted. Hopefully it is a success, not a frightful disaster.

Posted three months ago, tomorrow, this was my first blog post. Now, as many of you know, my first book is out. I’m certainly proud to say that my light schedule has done me plenty well. I have, however, diminished my free time since then with my writing and a job (which I had acquired, but not been very involved in before August). I spend an average of just under 30 hours per week at work, a few more at school, and still live to write, serve, and run at the end of the day.

At this point though, it is time to address the challenge I accepted: going viral. I was told to spread information on the books my class is releasing along with our party like it was the juiciest piece of gossip in the world. If you’d like to offer your aid, please do the same! Spread the word via mouth, text, social media, smoke signals, billboards, anything you can get your hands on! Don’t forget that my own book is free through this Friday, after which it returns to the $0.99 shelf.

Thanks to all!


Close: I finally submitted my book to Amazon to be published. Keep an eye out for the final announcement and official link that should come tomorrow! (Sign up to attend the release party while you’re at it.)

Short: This post is just a quick update before I head to bed and get up early for Scouting for Food. (Those in the STL area, please put out your bags and make a lot of work for us.)

Far: Circling back to the first note, the semester is nearing its end and the distance I’ve traveled is astonishing. I’ve finished my book, written countless other short works, and established a pretty young, yet successful blog. (I now have over 400 followers, 1300 views, and 50 posts and have views from 10 different countries.)

Don’t worry, You haven’t seen the last of me.

Almost There!

I finished my book cover today, using a design begun by John! As I uploaded it, I discovered that I have a repeated word in the last sentence of the text in my book. I failed to save the file before uploading it, so now I have to go back and re-format my entire story and upload the new file just to fix the double word (that happened to survive more rounds of revision than I’d care to count). I hope everyone enjoys the cover and the last few days of anticipation as much as I do!

New Page: Book Release Party

Book Release Party (Dec. 1)

Join us for a party to commemorate the first books we’ve published! All are welcome and greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015
6:00-8:00 PM

6 North Café
14438 Clayton Road
Ballwin, MO 63011

RSVP here

Please comment at the bottom with any questions and I will do my best to answer quickly and completely.

Authors and books include:

The Rainbow’s Treasures –Stephen Naylor

Pieces –Natalie Fiore

Four Year Anniversary –Kelsey Washington

The Forbidden Song –Derek Gonzalez

Silent Harmony –Renee Owens

Fading Memory –Devin Nelle

The Hunt -John Bauer

Door of Demons –Katherine Dupske

Spaghetti with a Side of Betrayal –Delaney Cusack

Found: Missing Child –Logyn Dilley

Downtown Terror –Morgan Claypool

Mercy –Brayden Owenby

Two Minute Drill –Barry Kuebler

The Pulse –Brent Kang

Frost –Katherine Harris

Scottish Cartel –Emma Hotze-Smith

Worth It –Andrew Parasch

Beyond an Escape –Samantha Hurt

Troubled Talent –Karli Basler

The Untouched Years –Lucy Eason

Ground –Ryan Brunner

Keys and Notes –Meghan MacBurney

Long Drive Back –Marissa Meinen

Verano en el Extanjero –Anna Nichols

iGirl –Haley Munn

Fetching Love –Drew Hayes

Convert –Preethi Sriraman

The Imperfect Perfectionist –Gracen Seim

Delusion –Julia Finefrock

Lost –Allyson Menefee