MHSXC State!

I’m home late again, so it’s another iPad post with pictures to come later, but the weekend does need addressed.

High school cross country is finally (though that’s too anticipatory a word) over. I have the chance to blast a mile on Tuesday, but I need to be at the Panera HQ shortly after school for training, so I might not make it. The state meet was yesterday, and I’m still undeniably bittersweet about it. We achieved a new school best, placing 5th in the state, but now there is nowhere else to go.

We left school after lunch, but didn’t really get on the road until an hour later. cars needed packed, organized and decorated, and pictures needed taken. I received a seat in the senior car with Hannah, Ryan, and Danielle (Nick and Eric split from us for the drive). We made it to the course, ran it once, went back to the hotel, and turned around (over an hour later) to leave for dinner. It was a “formal” event featuring the juniors in chubbies under their formal tops, Ryan the businessman, Nick the college student, and myself the professor. The ringleader of the junior upstarts (everyone on the team know this fact better than anything else) split the crowd for the (kind of) planned out and rehearsed (very secret) plans after the meal.

Back at the hotel, we got to sleep in, waking to a special breakfast from family in town. The spirit bus met us at the course, and my plan of the last two years finally came to fruition–I ran the race with my hair in French braids (I found out as my hair was being yanked from my head that I’ve been featured on a Twitter feed for having the best dos in past races). I owe a special thanks to Susie and Coach Lauren for helping.

As I said, the race went well and we got 5th as a boys’ team. Hannah was 14th, and Danielle was 26th. On the way home, we stopped twice for icecream (the first time we bailed because the line was too long), and I was stuck in the back seat, despite being the tallest individual in the car (I max out at a whopping 5’9″).

The festivities ended with a joint party at the Piersons’ with our team (including Coach Shelby), our swim team, and the Nerinx Hall team.

Today’s return to the normal schedule was certainly a shock.


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