I finally have everything I need to publish my book except the cover art. John has promised it by tomorrow though, so hopefully it will be published within 48 hours. Anyone interested in reading it, check out Amazon for both mine and my classmates’ stories (if you follow the links to their blogs, most of them have mentioned what they’re publishing and whether it’s up yet or not). They will be available as e-books on the Kindle or any other Amazon reading app for a PC or smart device. Some may be released through other programs, opening them to sale on Nook, ITunes, and other e-readers.

Further, the plans for the release party seem to finally be falling into place and the e-vite has been officially released. If interested in attending, please follow the link below and RSVP! (The party is at 6 North Café on Clayton Rd in Ballwin, MO, from 6-8 pm on Tuesday, December 1st). A new page should be up on my site within a short period with full details.

Thanks for all the support in this wonderful journey, and I look forward to continuing the adventure!



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