Birthdays, and Friends, and Poems, Oh My!

I’d have bought you flowers, got you a rose,
But your theatre production gave lots of those.

I’d have found you some candy: just a simple treat,
Yet the Season is here and we’ve got lots of sweets.

So, I’ve decided, it’d simply be best
To reach out to you in this heartfelt jest.

I’ve heard of your face and seen often your name,
But reverse those you may, they both will gain fame.
For in class we met, so late it’s a shame,
And our books will go out for each mind to tame.

I-L why not swap them to correct broken covers
When hours were spent by artistic lovers?

You bob and you dance as you own your cast’s stage,
But not before showing your old heart’s true age.
You found and you broke the new teacher’s cage;
By including all, each doubt you assuage.

You prove new each day how life can be deep,
And from you I’ve seen a great knowledge seep,
So I pray that you: find, grow, and keep
Great memories and friends as you take a small leap.

Society sees you as a new adult-
That you were not before is just not your fault.

Now as we give thanks: as one, as a country,
I say to you now that I know that I’m lucky
To make a new friend and to say her name’s Natalie.

To close, I must say:
Though it’s barely begun,
You really should have a-great-one;
so here it is: Happy Birthday!



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