Decorating the Year

For the first time in longer than it should have been, I finally have some time to sit down and type a little. I had the RSD Board Of Education Award ceremony to attend tonight, and will take the opportunity to reflect a bit on a few of this semester’s highlights.

Cross Country

As the school year began, but before classes were in session, the cross country season began. I came in expecting a secure spot among the top three athletes on the team. I held the title of fastest for the first two (though unofficial) races, but accepted my position as third by the time multi-school races began. I challenged the top two at times, as they eventually swapped places and our fourth runner began to catch up at the end of the season.

At our end of the year ceremony, I got to see the entire team (more or less) for the last time, and loved watching my classmates recognized individually as seniors leaving the program. It was great seeing Curtis and Danielle awarded with one of the athlete-nominated awards, and it was a great honor receiving the other one–the Foundation Award–as the team’s bread man and running addict.


As some of you may be tired of hearing: the books are finally out and it is such a relief to have the weight of the book party finally taken away (I understand the size of the job, Durham. Let me know if you need extra hands in the future). The community built through the publishing process is indescribable, especially with the old friends I strengthened bonds with (shout-out to Renee and Brent) and the new ones I gained (especially Natalie and Devin). I hope we can continue to work together and watch more literary development!


My hand-selected load certainly served its purpose of treating me to the arts to re-introduce them to my recently science-indulged life. I gained some experience with the guitar and got to spend time with my violin, but had time to pursue my french and writing (I got a pen-pal to share both with and get to mention Amélie now). As an aide in a sophomore chemistry class, I got to relearn some content from a new angle, along with reinforcing everything as I roamed the room offering answers and advice. I cannot leave out my chance to visit Westridge Elementary every other day either! The kindergarten, first, and third grade classes I worked with were all wonderful and made the experience completely worth it (though I can’t forget Mrs. Reed, the librarian either). Here’s to looking forward to a second semester full of half-days thanks to my new CCE class!


One of the dirtiest four-letter words, I cannot say every day was full of cheer, but I’ve made new friends from school-rival coworkers, stuffed my brain with new recipes and procedures, and managed to move up a little in rank. I’ve pulled one friend in, plus hopefully more, but I certainly cannot pretend the 30 hour weeks I put in lack a luster that keeps me going back.


I know I left things out, and I may come back for them, but I’ll close here with a hurrah and a thanks to everyone. I’ll miss those leaving for college after the semester, along with my semester-only teachers, and the ever-energetic Julia, and I look forward to another great semester with those stuck dealing with me for another 18 weeks in the new year.


(Maybe a Christmas tree might have made a better picture)


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