A Day Late and a Dollar Short (supposedly)

Today’s blog features a rare topic: my job. Anyone that actually worked last night could share just how bad a night it was. To be honest, I was done before I even went in. My day was already wearing on me by the time classes let out. I need to apologize to Patricia at this point for the tension-filled ride from school to work. When we arrived, we found out that Erin was the only other employee there for the night. Paul would be the closing manager and I was supposed to train Patricia on line. We had no one to maintain, let alone close, dining room, and no one to clean dishes. Our injured ringer was convinced to come in for dinner rush, and we ended up calling our prepper in so that she could clean dishes. I didn’t get any dinner until around 8:30 when I was finally let on break, and my body was feeling it after a very light lunch. When I got back from break, I was sent to the back of house so I could finish dishes and clean-up. Patricia was left on line alone, despite only being trained in half the modules needed. She did amazingly well, all things considered, but I held three positions as we closed, cleaning dishes, supervising Patricia, and supporting McKenzie, who was sent out to close dining room, despite her injury. Zack was finally convinced to make an appearance after his other job at Walmart wrapped up, and he was sent to help in the dining room when he showed up (after the café was closed). To corporate: I apologize for our times, it was a single trainer-trainee pair on line during dinner, not the usual 2-3 trained employees that it takes to stay caught up, and to Paul, thank you for not exploding on us because of the shortage in work.

In stark juxtaposition, the morning after a trying night began wonderfully, despite the short sleep. I rose at 5:30 to attend Mass for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary. It went beautifully, and now back at home, I’ve had time to write a bit before heading in to school.

Let’s all make today a wonderful day!



2 thoughts on “A Day Late and a Dollar Short (supposedly)

  1. I can relate to the hectic ways of a workplace as you already know the frustration I’ve had with my own job but that doesn’t even account for the amount of times we’ve been extremely busy and have had to go nuts trying to get everything done. Bounce U definitely has its moments where someone gets screwed over in the process of a chaotic day. Those are always the worse when it happens and it’s usually always on a day you don’t want to deal with it. Stay strong !


    • snayls42 says:

      It’d be so much easier if it wasn’t the same people that didn’t have to “take a hit for the team” consistently. I certainly try to stay strong. Surrounding myself with great people goes a great distance in that! Thanks!

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