The Weather Outside Is Frightful

I’ve finally done it: I’m blogging about everybody’s favorite small-talk topic.

What we’re seeing, however, really is a surprise. For those not familiar with the situation: we have 70 degree weather in the middle of December in St. Louis! I can’t say we’re accustomed to tremendous snowfalls, but we’ve had our share of winter storms, and it is completely normal for one or two decent coverings after the middle of November. 70 degrees, on the other hand, is warmer than most of my cross country¬†teammates like to run in! Everywhere I go, I see little girls playing in the street in their short shorts and tank tops as if it were the middle of summer! I’m surprised no one has broken out the water guns judging by the way they’re all acting.

I will say that this year’s seasons have seemed to have been shifted back: both summer and fall came pretty late. Maybe winter will stay late too? There might be snow days lasting through April and into May. I wonder what would happen if the Graduation Ceremony was snowed out…

All-in-all, though I’m not reading into the weather to make some big, deep analysis on mankind or a boiling-mad Sun, I’m thinking this “winter” will stick around in my memory. Hopefully there are other reasons for it to be great!



One thought on “The Weather Outside Is Frightful

  1. Rob Durham says:

    I went to the store and I was like–wow, I’m going to enjoy this warm afternoon. Exited Schnuck’s to total darkness. Oops.


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