Convergence: A Paragraph on a Photograph

It is said that all things are interconnected. Every action has potential to impact any and all objects, beings, and locations from that point forward. Likewise, nothing therefore exists that is not related to every other aspect of existence. A perfect picture of convergence myself, I stand in simple black and white–the unassuming coloration of an orchestral musician. The bowtie around my neck perfectly complements the wing-collared tux shirt. Upon a quick glance down, however, the shimmering black material of my running shorts makes a stark contrast. I’ve just recently left the stage after the year’s last performance, and the tux provided by the school has been returned to the closet where it came from. My exposed legs have begun to stiffen in the cold air of the still warming season, despite having run themselves on every road within a ten mile radius of the high school campus. The writhing mass of unfamiliar bodies blocks my vision as I search for my friends. It is then that the familiar bitter taste creeps across my tongue as I face, once again, the still fresh wound left by the departure of two close friends almost a year prior. There is no choice but to look inside, admitting their undeniable impact on me, as I reflect on the day’s activities. Chemistry, Calculus, and Physics. The three sciences are seamlessly united in my mind. Cross country, orchestra, and drawing. A trio of extracurriculars round out the day. From people to places to things, there exists an overwhelming variety in the world. But to me, they come together. For me, they converge within a single being.


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