This evening, I have finally tackled the task I’ve been looking forward to for a while. Snot’n’Nayls is up to standards and fully functional. In the interest of simplicity, the updates are listed below:

  1. Homepage: This replaces the simple about-me at the forefront of the website. It contains details about each page and category of the site. My biographies can still be found on the About Me page.
  2. Navigational Menu: At the top of the sidebar, an easy-to-use hierarchy of links has been added to assist in navigation throughout the site. (This plan originally prompted me to change site themes and prevented progress for a while, along with disrupting the site this afternoon-I apologize if there were any visitors unable to navigate during that period)
  3. Help Page: Crafted specifically to aid students in the Creative Writing class that got me blogging, the help page is designed to be used as a forum in which followers can ask and respond to questions that I will offer advice on as well. Every question will warrant a blog post in response, while popular topics may earn pages dedicated to their solutions.
  4. “Favorite” Blog Category: Those blog post that have prompted vast responses and views from followers or casual readers, along with very meaningful posts I deem appropriate will appear in the “Favorite” category, for followers and readers to catch up on highlights that they may have missed.

Soon to come:

  1. Completed links to in-site locations on the homepage
  2. Completed links to books under the peer publications tab
  3. Progress updates on a new short story (and possibly a novel)

Let me know if there are any other ease-of access (or fan desired) updates that I missed, or if anything is wired incorrectly! (visitors do not need accounts to comment on this site)

Until we progress some more,


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