College Update No. 2 (Workout Edition)

I know, I didn’t label my first post as such, but it ended up catering mainly to updates since beginning college. I couldn’t agree more that it’s been way too long since I’ve taken the chance to express myself in writing like this (even though I know you’re all still dumbstruck by how seamlessly I came back to writing for last week’s post). It feels good to take time and reflect purposefully. It feels good to take time out to share what I view as my own personal “wisdom” and take my stab at making the world a better place. Life is full of moments to learn from, and a wise man knows to learn from them, while a wiser man can learn from the mistakes of others. Here is my chance to make each and every one of you reading this a wiser person.

I mentioned in my last post the common struggle of adapting to college academics. Behind academics (and maybe doing your own Landry), one of the most recognized transitions is that in which a college student takes control of their own health. From the dining halls, to the gyms, to the absence of a nagging health-nut of a mother, there are so many opportunities for diets and workout routines to go haywire. Add the increased stress from moving to a new home and finding yourself in a schedule that is so busy, yet has no structure, and it’s no wonder that so many freshmen find themselves changing so much physically. To let you in on a little secret: the freshman fifteen IS real! But at the same time, it doesn’t always mean weight is gained! I know way too many classmates, friends, even my sister, who have gone away to school, only to find the pounds drip out of their bodies like water from a cracked bucket.

For those of you that know me personally, I’m not the first person you’d think of when New Years comes around and you expect everyone to start dieting. I don’t really have an extra pound to drop. Running like I did in high school will do that to a person. Needless to say, the abrupt halt to my intensive training changed my body. As you may have guessed, my changes were not stereotypical. My appetite raged strong for about 4 months after my last meet. I ran the odd weekday practice with the high school team over summer. I knew to expect fluctuations in my weight, starting with the loss of muscle, then subtle addition of, dare I say it, fat. The scale still hasn’t stopped dropping. I’ve lost almost a fifth of my body weight: 25 pounds of leg and abdominal muscle earned over four years and countless hours on the roads and in the woods. I let my life get ahead of me, despite all the preparation and experience. I’ve taken long leaves from running due to injuries and sickness. I’ve developed ways to stay in shape. I neglected them. Now is the time to get back on track.

For any college student. For any retired or vacationing athlete. For any individual with too little time to make it to the gym, yet who still wants to feel active and regulate their bodies. (Am I starting to sound enough like a commercial?) I have the routine to help! Designed around the runner’s off season goals of maintained cardio and increased strength, I created a three part regimen to focus on three separate areas of the body. Successfully tested over numerous harsh winters, the Thousand Rep workouts take only 20 minutes to complete and promises to bring the dormant athlete out of hibernation in each and every participant! Three lineups, each for a different day, focus on your core, your cardio, and your four main appendages. No equipment is needed, and the guide is completely free! All that is required is that you stick around to find the routine of the day, here on the Snot’n’Nayls (intermittent) Health Blog! Find the list, find half an hour of free time in your day, and prepare to be amazed! (Workouts are a guide, not a specialized plan for you individually, please begin at your own pace and realize that while these exercises may work for some, they may lead to pain and/or discomfort if performed incorrectly or without proper warm up and cool down. Always be sure to stretch down after any workout and be advised, these plans have no backing from medical staff or physical trainers). Now, for all those looking to get in shape, build muscle mass, and/or cut down on excess weight, get ready for the first round of opportunity! Our first workout will be released in just a few short hours!


One thought on “College Update No. 2 (Workout Edition)

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