Engineers Without Borders – The Tale of a Meeting

Last December, I was elected as Secretary of SLU’s student chapter of Engineers Without Borders. As a new e-board member, I began meeting with the rest of our officers from the first or second week of the semester. To start the semester off as an organization, however we began with a full body meeting on February 2. The following week, as we were getting into the swing of things and our new e-board started to understand what was expected of us, I was put in charge of recording the committee meeting run by fellow freshman officers Shelly and Lauren. Unfortunately, the meeting did not attract near as much attention as we had hoped, and all eight attendees anticipated working in the project committee. As our new Project Coordinator, Lauren directed the meeting at the beginning, announcing that we had submitted our 501 form for review by EWB-National, but had little else those in attendance could work on, so Shelly took charge. Shelly is our new Fundraising Coordinator, and shares my very ambitious views of what the still young organization can be. After convincing those in attendance to stay for the fundraising committee meeting, Shelly worked to share what we had previously discussed as Marissa, a junior and our current president, and myself filled in some holes. A few ideas we came up with and worked to begin implementation on included canning at local businesses, requesting profit-shares from local restaurants, and sponsoring university sporting events. Logan, one of the members in attendance was very willing and excited to participate and help in any way possible, so we set him loose on calling any businesses possible. Two further projects that we began implementing were our Murder Mystery Dinner and Hit Squad presentation team, both revolving a bit more around the e-board than the other events. The dinner was to be open to faculty, students, professionals, and other guests in an attempt to raise both funds and awareness for our chapter with respect to individuals, while the Hit Squad was designed to be a professional presentation team aimed at visiting local engineering companies and sharing more detailed information in a much more formal setting.


Since first meeting with the committee, the Hit Squad has performed three times, each to a different company, finding aid in terms of experience, formal knowledge, and finances each time. The murder mystery dinner has been planned and executed, attracting around 25 guests, though that is a story for another time.


Introduction to Parks College

NASA Patches

Welcome to Parks College of Engineering, Aviation, and Technology!

As a Mechanical Engineering Student at St. Louis University, I am enrolled in an Introduction to Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Class. We are charged with recording some of our experience as we transition to studying at the university. As my classmates are familiar with, the patches portrayed above are displayed prominently in the halls of our Engineering building: McDonnell Douglass Hall. This semester, it makes me proud to share, our patches have been cared for wonderfully and any time one falls (anyone familiar with the display knows this is a common occurrence), they are replaced exactly where they came from!

Moving forward with my introduction, though, I will share that I will share across a long span of time all that you need to know! starting with a story in just a minute!

Media and Young Adults

To those still waiting on the months-late workout, it is coming, but I need to find time to type out explanations to the workouts: my computer wouldn’t connect to the internet for the last week or so that I was home for winter, then the semester quickly got away from me. I’m proud to report now that classes are mostly going well, and this weekend brought a successful performance of a murder mystery dinner I adapted and helped perform for our chapter of Engineers Without borders. Last week though, I had the chance to write a short report on one of my favorite songs – “No Such Thing” by John Mayer – and I felt it fell in line with some things I have shared here as it was a reflection piece on media and development for my Growth and Development class. Anyway, here it is:

John Mayer’s song, “No Such Thing” is written about the rejection of the streamlined lives we are taught to live as young adults looking to complete school and head into the “real world.” In it, he refers to how parents, teachers, and other adults constantly demand we “plot [life] out in black and white” and “stay inside the lines.” Unfortunately, life is not black and white. I first heard the song driving home after competing in the state track meet senior year, and found it ironic because of the way Mayer criticized the high school of his past, just as I had fought against my school and parents in an attempt to find my own way in a heavily regulated society based on the sculpted, time-based hierarchy of experience that contradicts the much more fluid nature of human comparison. Driving home, and moving on into the summer as I prepared for college, I took inspiration from the song and began to look forward once again to living my life at my own pace, and attempting to set an example for others, just as the final verse to the song suggests leading by an example of freedom.

Now you should all go listen to the song to see what I’m talking about!

Until Next Time