Engineers Without Borders – The Tale of a Meeting

Last December, I was elected as Secretary of SLU’s student chapter of Engineers Without Borders. As a new e-board member, I began meeting with the rest of our officers from the first or second week of the semester. To start the semester off as an organization, however we began with a full body meeting on February 2. The following week, as we were getting into the swing of things and our new e-board started to understand what was expected of us, I was put in charge of recording the committee meeting run by fellow freshman officers Shelly and Lauren. Unfortunately, the meeting did not attract near as much attention as we had hoped, and all eight attendees anticipated working in the project committee. As our new Project Coordinator, Lauren directed the meeting at the beginning, announcing that we had submitted our 501 form for review by EWB-National, but had little else those in attendance could work on, so Shelly took charge. Shelly is our new Fundraising Coordinator, and shares my very ambitious views of what the still young organization can be. After convincing those in attendance to stay for the fundraising committee meeting, Shelly worked to share what we had previously discussed as Marissa, a junior and our current president, and myself filled in some holes. A few ideas we came up with and worked to begin implementation on included canning at local businesses, requesting profit-shares from local restaurants, and sponsoring university sporting events. Logan, one of the members in attendance was very willing and excited to participate and help in any way possible, so we set him loose on calling any businesses possible. Two further projects that we began implementing were our Murder Mystery Dinner and Hit Squad presentation team, both revolving a bit more around the e-board than the other events. The dinner was to be open to faculty, students, professionals, and other guests in an attempt to raise both funds and awareness for our chapter with respect to individuals, while the Hit Squad was designed to be a professional presentation team aimed at visiting local engineering companies and sharing more detailed information in a much more formal setting.


Since first meeting with the committee, the Hit Squad has performed three times, each to a different company, finding aid in terms of experience, formal knowledge, and finances each time. The murder mystery dinner has been planned and executed, attracting around 25 guests, though that is a story for another time.


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