Peer Publications


Authors and books include:

The Rainbow’s Treasures –Stephen Naylor

Pieces –Natalie Fiore

Four Year Anniversary –Kelsey Washington

The Forbidden Song –Derek Gonzalez

Silent Harmony –Renee Owens

Fading Memory –Devin Nelle

The Hunt -John Bauer

Door of Demons –Katherine Dupske

Spaghetti with a Side of Betrayal –Delaney Cusack

Found: Missing Child –Logyn Dilley

Downtown Terror –Morgan Claypool

Mercy –Brayden Owenby

Two Minute Drill –Barry Kuebler

The Pulse –Brent Kang

Frost –Katherine Harris

Scottish Cartel –Emma Hotze-Smith

Worth It –Andrew Parasch

Beyond an Escape –Samantha Hurt

Troubled Talent –Karli Basler

The Untouched Years –Lucy Eason

Ground –Ryan Brunner

Keys and Notes –Meghan MacBurney

Long Drive Back –Marissa Meinen

Verano en el Extanjero –Anna Nichols

iGirl –Haley Munn

Fetching Love –Drew Hayes

Convert –Preethi Sriraman

The Imperfect Perfectionist –Gracen Seim

Delusion –Julia Finefrock

Lost –Allyson Menefee


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